Pulling Translations From Transifex

First make sure you have the Transifex command-line client installed:

$ pip install transifex-client

Then use the pull command to pull translations:

$ tx pull


To create locale directories for newly created translations you will need to call tx pull with the --all flag.

Compiling Message Catalogs

This is required for Django to see the translations.

$ python compilemessages

Extracting Messages to Translate

This will update the English language files with messages that appear in your code.

For the backend code and templates:

$ python makemessages -l en --extension=email,html,py,txt --ignore="templates/templated_email/compiled/*"

For JavaScript code:

$ python makemessages -l en -d djangojs --ignore="_build/*" --ignore="node_modules/*" --ignore="saleor/static/assets/*"